The National Arts Club features milliner  



"The Neverland Bonnet Bash"

Friday, March 23  |  9:00 PM - Midnight

Grab your hat and fly away to Neverland, where dreams are born and time is never planned. Mythical creatures and pirates alike can be swept away by the siren songs of Liah Alonso, sip specialty cocktails at the Pirates Cove, frolic in a garden of Neverland millinery created by Julia Emily Knox and Anthony Maxwell, explore the gallery of Lost Items curated by The Museum of Interesting Things, get fairy dusted by Samara Dunn and defy gravity on the dance floor courtesy of Erik Rydju and videography of Kurt Ritta.

Take your own millinery cues from J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan: look to whimsical fairies or nefarious pirates for inspiration. A panel, led by celebrity milliner Patricia Underwood, will award prizes to the winners of the whimsical Peter Pan Award, the fierce Jolly Roger Award, and the imaginative Tinkerbell Award.


ANTHONY MAXWELL featured milliner at the National Arts Club